Travelling Light (on Spending) in Spain

save-travelling-spainAt the end of the summer many hotels in Spain will reduce their prices by up to 40% compared with August rates, so autumn is a great time to get to know new areas of Spain (and the weather is perfect for tourism too). If you spend just an hour or two planning you can save a lot more, as our tips below show.

–  If you’re booking a hotel room online, make sure to sign up to a cashback site first.  For example, in the UK offers 12% cashback with and or use in Spain which offers similar amounts. So, for a family weekend away, a 3 night stay with 2 rooms at 80€ per night, you’ll get over 50€ cashback (read our cashback guide on how to use these sites).
–  Don’t be fooled by hotel star ratings – a higher rating may be simply due to the hotel having conference facilities, so avoid paying premium rates for facilities you won’t use.
–  Same goes for hotel breakfasts – if you can avoid it in the rate, do so. Spain is full of cafeterias where you can have breakfast for under 5€ each compared with upwards of 15€ each in a 4* hotel.
–  Sign up to an online vouchers site such as for restaurant vouchers (no pre-payment) and download a few for the area where you’ll be visiting. If you use them, great, but if not you’ve not lost any money.
–  Got kids over 14? Make sure they’ve got a Youth Card, and check out the offers available where you’ll be visiting. Loads of discounts and free entry to places (such as museums) – read our guide.
–  Buy tickets to theme parks before you go to save time on queues. Let down by the weather? Make sure you get them at an online site such as, you can change the date just by phoning. Also use our exclusive discount and get 5% off your purchase – use code TXLMONEYSS20XX.
–  Going away for a few days tends to put the strain on your credit card. Make sure you’ve got one with perks, such as cashback, points or similar and pay it off in full at the end of the month to avoid interest.
–  If you’re a family with 3+ kids, make sure you’ve got your “familia numerosa” card – get discounts on rail travel in Spain and reductions on tickets to most theme parks.
–  If you’ll be visiting Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid or any big town on the Costa Brava make sure you take 5 minutes to pop into a hotel and pick up a few MiniCards in the lobby. These offer discounts at local restaurants, shows or shops.


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