Alarm Systems in Spain – Pros & Cons of DIY and Contracted Services

It’s doubtful that anyone living in Spain has not had to deal with a door-to-door salesman trying to convince you to sign up for an alarm system with free installation or some other offer. Rather than signing immediately on the dotted line, it’s a good idea to think what you’re letting yourself in for financially and whether a DIY solution could be cost-effective.

As well as local companies, the two main home and business security companies in Spain are Securitas Direct and Prosegur. Both offer similar services and their promotions vary, normally with a new promo on each month. At the time of writing, Securitas Direct is offering a full security system for homes for 939€ (but generally have a promo on for only 99€) and 29€ per month service charge, additionally their website is available in English too. Prosegur charges 30€ per month, however we couldn’t find information regarding the initial cost. (Note: prices exclude sales tax).

However, if you visit any major DIY store in Spain, such as Leroy Merlin or Aki, you can also buy kits or individual items in accordance with your requirements.  Prices depend on your needs, size of home, etc, but from between 400€ to 800€ you could buy a full system. Installation is easy and these kits can also be integrated with your smartphone and allow for visual and audio connection. If you choose a DIY system then you’ll only have the upfront cost with no subsequent monthly charge.

So, what can you expect if you choose to sign up with a security company? Undoubtedly having a plaque on the outside of your property showing that your house is alarmed is a good deterrent. In case the alarm does go off, their websites state that the company will respond and send someone in less than 15 minutes, or even less depending where you live. However, this person can only inform as to what is happening, you’ll need to decide whether they should call the police.

With a DIY solution you’ll receive the information directly on your smartphone, check what’s happening inside your home and then decide whether to call the police. Bear in mind that false alarms can be subject to a fine regardless of whether you have a contract with a security company or you have phoned the police yourself. Fines will be imposed when there have been three or more false alarms in a period of 60 days, however if your alarm system is malfunctioning, any additional false alarms in a period of 24 hours will not be taken into account.

MSS Tip: If you decide to use a local company to install your alarm, make sure that they comply with Spanish Home Office Order INT/316/2011 regarding private security alarm systems.