Save On Car Repairs In Spain With A DIY Solution

car-save-spainRepairing your own car is obviously not a solution for everybody, however in many cases it’s rather a case of not having a place to carry out repairs or of not having the right tools. Across Spain there are many “Do It Yourself” repair shops opening up where you can rent a space that comes with a wide variety of tools and where you can also buy products such as oil, shock absorbers or tyres.


Choosing a DIY solution for car repairs in Spain has a number of advantages:

  • You won’t be facing a fine from the municipal authorities (local by-laws do not allow people to repair their cars in the street)
  • Save on the cost of man-hours for simple repairs
  • Ensure that the waste products, including oil, are disposed of ecologically.
  • Get access to professional advice in case of doubts.

As this is a new(ish) business model in Spain, the companies that offer this service tend to be geographically based and are in the process of franchising their brands across the country. Here are a few that are already operating:

Repara Tu Vehículo: Has locations in the Basque Country and this year is opening new centres in Burgos, Santander and Madrid. Opens 7 days a week and has various offers for free 15 or 30 minute space rental if purchasing packs of products. Need to register online to be able to make a reservation.

Car And You: Locations near Barcelona, Valencia, Cádiz, Seville and Madrid. Spaces of 30 m2 each with different levels of equipment (hydraulic lift, smoke extractors, etc) available depending on your requirements. Rental prices vary in accordance with the equipment rented, with a basic cost for 30 minutes of 10.50€, then 3.50€ for every 10 minutes. After three hours a 10% discount on prices is applied and after five hours a 20% discount. Professional advice available for free.

HTM Boxes: Only in Portugalete for the moment, no facilities for paintwork. Tariffs: 8€ for every 30 minutes or 64€ for 5 hours.

Araboxes: Near Zaragoza, tariffs: 5€ for every 15 minutes or 60€ for full morning/50€ for a full afternoon. Open Mon-Fri till 20h (closes at lunchtime) and Sat mornings. If you need advice from a professional, you’ll have to pay 5€ for every 10 minutes.