Sportswear and Equipment Offers in Spain

buy-sports-equipment-spainOver the past decade Spain has seen a rise in the number of sports chain stores, however if you need equipment for non-mainstream sports you may need to visit a specialised store in one of the big cities or search online.  Read on to see how to find bargains in Spain and also how you can sell or buy your second hand sports equipment, which is great for when your kids have outgrown their bike, skis, etc or just decided that they want to practice a different sport.



One of the main things about Decathlon that differentiates it from other stores is that it doesn’t have major sales at the same time as other stores in Spain, but special offers and clearance sales that change from month to month. They have more than 90 stores across Spain and you can buy online too.

Online they have a wide range of “end of season” items and their own-brand goods are competitively priced. Delivery of items under 10 kg is free if you pick-up in store, up to 30 kg costs from 2.95€ (delivery to a Correos office) and home delivery costs from 4.45€ (delivery prices can increase depending on volume and weight of items).

Their Club Card gives one point for every € spent, when you reach 400 points you’ll get a voucher for 6€. Additionally there are other benefits such as

  • Automatic interest-free 3-month credit for purchases
  • Free bike check 6 months after purchasing from Decathlon
  • 5% off ski hire equipment at Skimium
  • Information on offers, etc. before release to the public

Also interesting are their Trocathlon events normally held in March and October, but check exact dates at your local store. At these events you can buy and sell second hand sports equipment. It works in the following way:

  • Take your items along to any Decathlon store on the set dates before the event where they’ll check them out. You let them know how much you want to sell each item for (experts at Decathlon can help you with pricing) and sign a short contract.
  • Whatever you sell you’ll get in Decathlon vouchers. These vouchers are valid for 6 months. You can opt for an “e-bono”, which means you’ll get your voucher online, but this will only happen if all your goods are sold.
  • Some items aren’t accepted such as clothing, footwear, helmets, child seats, etc.
  • If your stuff doesn´t sell, you’ll have to pick it up again a couple of days after the event ends. If you don’t pick it up after one month it becomes Decathlon’s property.
  • The conditions are a bit different for those who have a Decathlon card, as these people can deposit their goods earlier.

MSS Tip: We suggest you clean up your old stuff before you take it to Decathlon, your items will be competing against others and first impressions can make all the difference to getting a sale. Also, if you really want to sell make sure you don’t set your price too high.

Sport Zone

Sport Zone is a Portuguese company that currently has nearly 15 stores across Spain and has plans for expansion.  Generally stores are smaller than Decathlon and, although this company has its own brand, it stocks more branded goods.

Their Sport Zone Card is free and you can pick one up in store and use it immediately.  Every time you purchase items you should show the card, including during sales or special promotions. For every 250€ you spend, you’ll get a 10€ credit on your card which you can use from the day after you reach the threshold. The 10€ credit must be used within 1 year, however as you can only use it for purchases above 10€ if you make small purchases and show your card the 1-year period will automatically be renewed.

They also have a newsletter where you can choose the sports you’re interested in to receive info about special offers and other promotions.

Smaller Sports Chain Stores in Spain

Intersport: Have stores across Spain. No online sales, but can get info on current promos. Have exclusivity for some items, eg some football boots models.

Décimas: Can buy online, orders over 60€ get free delivery, below that threshold the delivery cost depends on where you live. Their online outlet has a good selection of reduced branded items but you need to be a member of their Décimas Club Online to buy the items at the reduced price. To be a member all you need to do is register for their newsletter.

Sprinter: Also has stores across Spain and sells online. Delivery is free for in store pick-up, or costs from 5.95€. Special offers can be found on their web but are not filtered by type of goods. You can also register for their newsletter at the bottom of the home page.