Need Ideas for Fancy Dress? Check out an Online Option in Spain

As anyone who’s been in Spain for a while will know by now, there are many occasions in which you, your kids or the whole family will need a costume. For those who’re lacking in imagination, are new to Spanish culture or are just looking for a cheaper alternative to buying a ready-made costume, then why not take a look at an online option.

Although you’ll need to have a certain level of Spanish to navigate around the site, Disfrazalia offers a virtual changing room, which makes things relatively simple

Their easy online system works like this:

  • Choose from male or female adult / teenager / child.
  • From a basic list of possible themed areas (animals, period costume, Halloween, etc) choose one and then a sublist will appear. Click below the sublist to see them all.
  • Select the costume you like from the pictures that appear.
  • On the next screen, each part of the costume will be shown with the recommended fabric for that part and alternatives. Select the one you want for each part and see the final result on screen.
  • Go to the last step where you need to register: fill in your name, email, password and postcode along with a “how did you find out about us” box. Once you’ve registered you’ll get a specifications card there and then to print and take along to one of the collaborating stores shown.

Stores can be found in many towns and cities in Spain, but if you want to check out if there’s one near you before you start check the list here. (Note – new stores are shown at the top of the page, scroll down to see a full list in alphabetical order).

When you take the specifications along to the store to purchase the fabric you’ll be given the patterns free. If sewing isn’t your thing, remember to buy some velcro!