I Want One Free Dot Com!

free-in-spain At Simply supermarkets if you have one of their points cards (Club Simply) you can also register to get free items with your weekly shop. There are lots of different products and the only catch is that either before or after you’ve tried them you need to fill in a questionnaire.

Simply Supermarkets, although they don’t cover the whole of Spain, have lots of locations including the areas of Barcelona, Madrid, Castellon and Valencia amongst others. Just pick up a leaflet at their information desk and fill it in with your personal info to get a points card there and then.

To get your freebies you’ll have to register online at www.yoloquierogratis.com (I want one free dot com) and you’ll get 450 credits immediately on your points card account. In order to register you must already have a Club Simply card as the details you’ll need to enter first of all are your DNI / NIE / passport number and the Club Simply card number. Here’s how it works:

  • Choose between the products available
  • If there’s a pre-purchase questionnaire, fill it in
  • Print out the coupon
  • Use it on your next shop at Simply (minimum spend 20€)
  • Fill in the corresponding questionnaire to get your points credited in your account again.

This promotion includes some of the biggest brands on sale in Spain such as Coca-Cola, Lay’s snacks, Gallo pastas or President cheese. However, they change the free items selection regularly – so if there’s nothing you want to try one week, just check again 15 days later.

MSS Tip: Make sure the barcodes on your coupons are printed well as you won’t be able to get your free item if the till can’t read the code.