Why buy when you can hire? (Part 1 – Baby and kids items)

We’ve found on www.mybabyspain.com two great guides on where you can find all the things you’d normally need for visitors with babies and small children.  In fact, if you check out their guide you can see that you can rent not only toys but also books, DVDs and videogames (anything for a quiet life!).

Of course the rental system is not just a good idea for when you have visitors – renting is a great way to either see whether kids really like an item before you buy it or for the relative of a child a subscription service allows you to renew items for as many months as you like. For the ecological minded, it also avoids toys ending up in landfill sites.

My Baby Spain is always on the lookout for new companies all across Spain that offer innovative and savvy ways to help with the expense associated with babies and children, so if you know any get in touch with them on theircontact page