Selling Your Old Mobile Phones in Spain

The main companies that will buy your unused mobile phones in Spain are: Zwipit, Zonzoo and Movilbank. Having read not just the companies’ website instructions (where the process seems straightforward), we’ve also searched for comments by customers online. Although in general the comments by customers are positive, the main problem cited by some unhappy users of these web-based services is that once the company has picked up your phones (at home or work address) the bank transfer which should arrive a month later never turns up.

So the Money Saver Spain thumbs up goes to Zwipit who, along with their usual collect & bank transfer system, offer the following:

  • Take along your CHARGED mobile phone (this way it can be checked that the phone works) to the Telephone Department (Departamento de Telefonía) at any El Corte Inglés, Hipercor or Opencor store (additionally some Telecor stores offer this service). There they will check the phones and give you an El Corte Inglés gift card containing the amount that your phones have been valued at. Although this is not cash, we think that this method avoids having to wait for a bank transfer that might never arrive.
  • Alternatively, if you have a (Spanish) Vodafone contract you can enter in – in the “partners” area there’s a link to Zwipit where if you sell your old mobiles and you request them to be collected at home you’ll get 3€ more per phone or, even better, taking them along to an authorized Vodafone sales point you’ll get 6€ extra. Unfortunately, this method won’t get you the money immediately (the company promises a bank transfer in less than 30 working days – up to a month and a half).

We also checked (because we’re curious about things like this) the selling prices of identical models on a site in the UK ( and were surprised to see that the prices offered were considerably higher on that site once we converted pounds to euros. Of course, there’s no point in sending phones over to the UK as the cost of postage outweighs the benefits, but if you do go to the UK regularly and have phones with a high selling value, it might be worth considering.

If you’re interested in knowing how to sell them online in Spain, we’ve included below how the system usually works, although each company has slight variations on their website. By the way, if you live in Madrid and sell them via Movilbank, you can take your old phones yourself to their offices.

  • Check how much your mobile is worth by introducing the make and model. Alternatively you can introduce the IMEI number (found on the battery) to ensure that you enter the correct data.
  • Enter your details, the address where you want the phones to be collected and the timeframe (some companies allow for 2 timeframes for collection to be included).
  • When the courier arrives, places the phones in the envelope / bag provided and seal it.
  • Wait for your money!

MSS Tips – Make sure your phone is fully charged as the companies will check that it can be switched on and works. Any phones which have considerable damage won’t be paid for (for example, if the screen is broken). Always make sure you have cleared all the internal phone memory – remember data can be stored both on the SIM card and the phone itself.