FNAC Store Card – It’s not free, so is it worth it?

It’s strange to find a store card these days that you actually have to pay for the privilege of having. This is the case with the Fnac store card – the cost is 15€ (valid for two years) but if you take a look at everything that goes with it, it could be that it’s worth paying for.

First of all let’s take a look at the major perks:

  • 5% direct discount on books, music, films, videogames and merchandising
  • 5% indirect discount on electronics
  • If you opt for a Fnac Visa rather than just the store card then you’ll get 0.5% of your purchases accumulated as Fnac money.
  • Receive special offers and exclusive promotions
  • Special discounts at associated stores
  • Ticket reservations phone service for events
  • Free car parking with a minimum purchase
  • Invitations to events in the music, art and events sector.

Opting for just the store card or the Fnac visa card has the same cost: 15€ which lasts for 2 years.

If  you want to make a purchase immediately you can accept the Fnac Club Contract Conditions, add to your basket the card cost (15€) and the items you want to purchase and you’ll get the benefits on your first purchase. This option is only available for the store card, which you’ll get by post around 15 days later. If you want the Fnac Visa Card, you’ll have to request it in any of their stores nationwide.

Renewing your store card can either be done in their stores or online (this option is only for when the card has actually expired). One of the good things about the store card is that because they don’t have your bank details if you do get one you won’t have to worry about the renewal fee being direct debited before you remember to cancel.

So, the question of whether it’s worth having really depends on how much you normally spend on these types of products. Fnac sells books in English (and other languages) and given the ease with which you can compare online items, you just need to see if the 7.50€ annual fee and 5% additional discount work out as a saving. Remember, there may be delivery charges added on to the cost and a courier option is also available with prices depending on weight of goods.

In conclusion, if you’re just going to buy one or two items a year at Fnac it probably won’t be worthwhile, but as soon as you spend 150€ then with the 5% discount you’ve covered the 7.50€ annual fee.

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