Saving on Housing Community Fees in Spain

This is where an online solution can help both with cutting costs and improving communication. Although moving towards a totally paperless system may seem somewhat daunting, there are more pros than cons involved. One of the most usual excuses for not implementing an online administration system for housing communities is that there are some owners (possibly older people) who are not internet users. However, it shouldn’t be automatically assumed that this is the case and, if so, they often have family who can deal with the paperwork on their behalf.

Money Saver Spain got in touch with Urbytus who told us about their OCM system – Online Community Manager – and UrbAdmin system for administrators. One of the advantages with this company is that their systems are multilingual – just the thing to help avoid all those misunderstandings. Additionally their pricing structure goes from a free version (great to convince the sceptics), premium version with add-ons and platinum version with possibility to include ads and sponsors on your site. Additionally Urbytus offers the possibility to have an optional domain for your community.

Having looked at the current prices in 2012 of 3€/year per property for the premium version and 10€/year per property for the platinum version, comparing with typical yearly costs in a 100-owner housing community there is definitely a saving. Added to the tangible savings are all the extra benefits that come with real-time online communication too.

As well as saving on paper, photocopying and postage (owners who rent out their properties normally get all the reports by snailmail), an online solution helps to bring a community together by sharing problems and suggesting solutions before things come to a head at meetings. Indeed one of the advantages of using these systems is that those neighbours who’re not paying their monthly fees are “named and shamed” online – often resulting in debtors paying up!

So, if your housing community is still working in the dark ages – give an online system a try.