Online Films Websites in Spain

There are a number of options for streaming films online in Spain, all you need is a high-speed internet connection. Most of the films available for rent or purchase online come with dual soundtracks, so you can watch them in your preferred language.

Online films websites offer image quality comparable to any TV channel in Spain and superior to most free downloads. High definition (HD) is also available as long as you have a HD TV or monitor.

Renting online films guarantees there‘s no risk of computer viruses – something that can’t be said for many free download sites.

Although not cheap, prices are getting more competitive and it’s often worthwhile to compare flat-rate monthly tariffs with pay-per-view rates depending on how many films you expect to watch per month.

MSS Tip Before You Start

If you don’t have a fibre internet connection, check the speed of your connection at different times of the day, as it can vary depending on multiple factors.


Sign-up for Netflix (website available in English) to get a free month’s viewing, then choose from three different subscription options:

  • Basic for 7.99€ – one screen, no HD.
  • Standard for 10.99€ – two screens simultaneously, HD, no ultra-HD
  • Premium for 13.99€ – four screens simultaneously, HD and ultra-HD

Watch Netflix on your tablet, smartphone or computer as well as your TV. Films and series are available in the original language and come with subtitles in several languages. Cancel your subscription at any time.


Recently launched in Spain, Sky TV also offers the first month’s viewing free of charge. Monthly subscription then costs 10€, cancel at any time with no penalty.

Currently the website is only available in Spanish.

In order to watch the service on your TV, a Sky TV box costs 25€ and is available on the website.


Offering top series Game of Thrones and Mad Men, HBO launched in Spain in 2016. Their website is available in English and Spanish.

In common with other providers, the first month is free. Then it’s 7.99€ every month and you can cancel at any time.

Note: When signing up you may be asked for a 1€ payment. This is to verify your personal info and if you decide not to go ahead with your subscription the amount will not be charged.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime members get free access to Prime Video with films and series. The selection on offer is probably not as good as Netflix or HBO, but as Amazon Prime costs 36€/year it’s a lot cheaper and it comes with all the other Amazon perks.

All programmes are available in English, some with subtitles in other languages. Download the app (in English) on your laptop, tablet and phone to access content wherever you are.

Many of the series and films can be downloaded to watch offline, useful when travelling or without a WiFi signal.

Rakuten TV

Previously called Wuaki, Rakuten TV has an extensive catalogue of films and TV series. The website is in Spanish, but most films are also available with the original soundtrack (choose title and check “idiomas”).

Individual 48hr film rentals cost from 2.99€ (depending on the quality chosen – standard or HD). There is a selection of free films and regular promos. Rakuten TV offers the opportunity to sign up for a month’s free trial.

Pricing: First month is free. Monthly tariff 5.99€ if you sign up on the web, or 4.99€ for Orange and MasMóvil mobile clients. You can cancel your subscription at any time. Sign-ups come with a 0.10€ charge to confirm your credit card details, this amount is immediately refunded.

More info:

  • Rental period: 30 days
  • Time to watch once film started: 48 hrs
  • Parental control available.

Google Play

You’ll need to have a Google account in order to be able to watch films via Google Play. If you visit the Spanish store, films have either a Spanish or English soundtrack.

When you use the Play Movies App, you’ll be able to watch films offline.


On the plus side excellent quality and the possibility to download films to watch on another device. On the negative side, as the terms and conditions of the iTunes store state that each store is country specific, you may need to open another iTunes account.

Free Classic Films to Download

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