Our 1st Birthday!

thanks-spainMoney Saver Spain is one year old this month, and checking back on the posts in the blog it looks like this is the one area that’s been totally abandoned! So, what’s happened during the last year?

Well, first of all the website got a total makeover in the Spring, giving it a fresh look and including some new widgets and other stuff. We also included new sections on Offers, a Business Directory and an RSS feed.

Juggling other work commitments, as well as blogging on Money Saver Spain, has meant that sometimes there haven’t been as many posts every week as there should have been, but this should be changing from now as we bring on board some new collaborators.

Of course, feedback on what visitors want to see would be great. We’ve already had quite a few emails (and a lot of spam forum comments – all sent straight to the trash!).

Also we’ve discovered loads of other bloggers and great businesses run by expats (and non-expats) in Spain, a few of these are listed here but there are plenty more:

Family Life In Spain – Lots of info for, as it says, families in Spain.

This Is Spain – For all things Spain

Entrepreneur Solo – Musings on being an entrepreneur in Spain

The Spanish Thyme Traveller – Guided tours in Spain

Costawomen – Get together with many other newcomers. (Men can join too!).

Lanzarote Information – Where??

Piccavey.com – Nottingham meets Andalucia!