Frustration with Orange Customer Service

Call centres are notorious for making you choose options on multiple menus before you even get to speak to a human being. The following is a summary of my conversation with Orange as my temper got more and more frayed:

  • At the beginning, on one of the menus, you have to put in the phone number about which the enquiry is related. Then, when you get put through to someone they ask you for your number again. Why have the technology for number recognition if it isn’t used?
  • You get asked for your name and then are spoken to on first name terms as though the person actually knows you. I wouldn’t do that, so why should they?
  • Then they start on the protocol to take you through a number of steps, all of which I’d done before on many occasions and knew to be totally useless. Some steps are laughable – on one of the calls I was asked to “take out the cable, turn it upside down, plug it in again” – if you try that with a phone jack, it doesn’t work.
  • Being asked stupid questions: Is the phone cable entry box big or small? Well, that all depends. Is it long?Again, compared with what?
  • Start to argue with the person at the call centre to tell him that following the protocol is a total waste of time as the failure in the service is not inside my house.
  • End up being threatened by the guy at the call centre that unless I do exactly as he says then he won’t register the failure.
  • Request to speak to a supervisor and being refused.

This incident on December 30 2011 took five phone calls before I got through to someone with enough common sense to actually listen and take some action, in this case by reducing the bill for January 2012 by 50%. As compensation it’s not that much, given the number of times it’s happened now and without ever being given an explanation as to why.

Anyway, all this has led me to the decision to change to Fibre Optic with Movistar – more expensive but, apparently, more reliable.

At the end of the day, I know that all the phone companies in Spain are more or less the same, as Spanish consumer groups constantly receive complaints about them. But, for me, my time with Orange is over. To have a laugh, watch this video “My Blackberry is not working”: