Money Saving Moral Maze

money-saving-moralsHaving read last weekend about shoppers who took advantage of a computer glitch at a major UK supermarket, it made me think about where exactly should we draw the line between being savvy money savers or applauding an “anything goes” approach.

Asda is one of the UK’s big 4 supermarkets and its price guarantee scheme offers vouchers to customers if products purchased are available at other supermarkets cheaper. In order to get the vouchers, customers have to put their receipt details into the Asda website which compares prices and, if cheaper prices are found elsewhere, they refund the difference plus 10%. However, Asda’s computer system uses comparison site, which also includes end-of-line items offered with huge reductions in other supermarkets, leading to some “savvy” customers noticing this loophole and getting vouchers for hundreds of pounds. Asda has now stated that vouchers will be limited to £15 per week.

So, if we let you know a cheeky tip such as getting a discount al El Corte Inglés by showing your passport and pretending you’re a tourist in Spain, is this savvy shopping or bordering on being immoral? If you’re undercharged at a supermarket on an expensive item do you say anything or not? Many people would probably have a different reaction to being undercharged by a small retailer than by a large national or multi-national store, however there are more and more people whose opinion is that anything that’s legal is also morally correct, as can be seen by comments on articles about the Asda debacle.

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You can see how to get the 10% discount at El Corte Inglés in our post (at the end).