The Apple Challenge – Cheap(er) iPads & iPhones?

We decided to set ourselves the task of finding out how to save on iPads, iPhones and Macs given that Apple controls the pricing

New Tags For Spanish Ham (Jamon)

In order to help consumers know at a glance the origin of Spanish hams bought in specialised stores and supermarkets, a new tag system

Buying CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray Online

There's plenty of competition in the online market for DVDs, CDs & Blu-ray. Most DVDs have the soundtrack in English if you buy in

Darty Closing Down Sale – UPDATE

Darty has 43 stores across Spain and will be closing all of them at the end of June 2013. Their closing down sale has

Showrooming (or The Price Comparison Dilemma)

At Money Saver Spain we always advocate comparing prices before buying, especially for high-value items. However, the rise of smartphone apps for price comparisons

Frozen Food Stores & Delivery in Spain

If you’re looking for an alternative to Iceland frozen food stores (or you don’t have one nearby) and your local supermarket has only a

Food Intolerance Shopping in Spain

For some people who’ve moved to Spain, not only do they have to deal with a new language and culture, but for many years