Free Products in 2012 in Spain – A Review

Looking back over 2012, with a bit of savvy shopping on the one hand and sheer luck on the other, I’ve managed to save

Perfumes & Cosmetics Offers

Most perfume stores in Spain have a website where you can check out and compare prices before you buy. Watch out though as perfume stores

Jewellery Offers

You might not be aware that stores have a mark up of at least 150% on wholesale prices for jewellery and at certain times

Visiting Seville on a Budget

Here's the latest instalment from our expert bloggers around Spain. This week Cat Gaa will be taking us on a tour around Seville and

Insurance Changes in Europe

21 December 2012 sees the introduction of the EU ban of taking gender into consideration when setting insurance premiums. Regardless of whether you agree

Hostels – A Savvy Alternative to a Hotel in Spain

If you travel to any town or city in Spain, you’ll inevitably see that it’s full of tourists. But you may be asking yourself

Discount Vouchers in Spain – Why Pay More?

At Money Saver Spain we don't promote prepaid coupons as they are very short-lived, however we do like those sites where you register and