Grants for Air Conditioning – Andalucia

In order to promote energy efficiency, the regional Andalucian government is offering grants for households to change their air conditioning system or hot water boiler. (more…)

Smartphone and Tablet Insurance

When you’re paying over 400€ for an average smartphone or tablet, it’s normal to think about taking out insurance in case of theft or

Your Electricity Bill in Spain – What Is Happening?

In January 2014 the public was outraged to hear about a potential 11% increase in electricity prices as a direct result of the latest

Spanish Driving Licence? How To Check Your Points

It’s a good idea to check how many points you have if you have a Spanish driving licence as some insurance companies now offer

Endesa Energy Pack for Utilities – Is It Worth It?

Endesa is promoting its new Energy Pack with the slogan “buy, activate and save” showing savings of up to 90€ a year. However, as

4G and Cheaper Mobile Phones

The 4G network in Spain was launched by Vodafone in June 2013 with other companies following closely behind. 4G offers users high speed Internet

LPG Fuelled Cars in Spain

With the price of LPG at around half that of diesel or petrol, many people in Europe see it as a viable alternative to