It’s Not About The Money… Donate Used Items in Spain

Although Money Saver Spain is all about how to pay less, sometimes it’s worth taking a look at ways to give back, either directly


Bottled Gas in Spain: All You Need to Know

There are still many areas in Spain that don’t have access to town gas. Some families prefer to use bottled gas and only pay


This Week’s Top Promos and Offers (15 Feb 2018)

Computers & Phones Worten offers: Samsung Galaxy J5 smartphone reduced from 259€ to 199€, HP 15.6” laptop was 599€ now 479€, 15% off second


Broadband Contracts – What to Check

Trying to choose the best broadband (ADSL) contract in Spain can be a nightmare. How many MB? With or without TV? ADSL or fibre


Second Hand and Repaired Goods: Your Consumer Rights

As more and more people decide to buy second hand goods, or pay for items to be repaired rather than buy new, it’s good

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This Week’s Top Promos and Offers (8 Feb 2018)

Computers & Phones Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 6” 20% off, now 103.99€. At Amazon UK Echo Dot £10 off and Echo £15 off. Huawei month


Currency Transfers: Top Solutions

For many expats living in Spain, it’s sometimes necessary to make currency transfers. Even if you have no assets “back home” you may want