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Need an Online Chemist In Spain?

cost-spain-medicineSearching for an online chemist in Spain? Did you know that you can get nearly all your favourite over-the-counter medicines, toiletries, cosmetics and other goods sold at chemists in the UK delivered to your door?

Which Online Chemists Deliver to Spain?

Having checked at a few online chemists, most of which don’t deliver outside the UK, take a look at Chemist Direct and Pharmacy2U.

Both companies continue to operate separate websites, however they have merged to become the UK’s leading online-only chemist.

How Can I Know a Chemist is Legally Registered?

Only use registered online pharmacies, this way you’ll know that the products sold are legitimate.

Scroll to the bottom of a website to see Registered Pharmacy (for UK sites) and also a link that you can click on to verify that the website is operating legally. The link will take you to the official site.

What About Spanish Online Chemists?

To date there are around a dozen individual online chemists in Spain with very limited pharmaceutical products available.

Sites such as PromoFarma sell the same items as your local “parafarmacia”, in other words not even aspirins are available.

Spanish consumer organisations are not in favour of online chemists dispensing prescription medicines so we don’t expect big changes any time soon.

Which Products Can I Buy from the UK?

Prescription medicines can only be delivered to the UK. However both companies sell top brand non-prescription products that you may miss in Spain.

Additionally fragrances, toiletries, health & baby and more items are available.

Previously some items (such as aerosols) were not available for delivery abroad, however they can now be sent by road-based couriers.

Every week both websites have new promos, so check regularly to see what’s available.

How Much is Delivery?

At Chemist Direct prices start from £4.25 (depending on weight at checkout) and your parcel should take between 5 to 10 days.

For Pharmacy2U delivery rates are shown once you have items in your checkout basket.

What About Prescription Medicines?

Until February 2016 online chemists could also send prescription medicines abroad with a UK prescription, this is no longer the case.

You may find it useful to take a look at the EU’s advice about presenting a prescription abroad. Prescriptions issued by EU doctors are valid in all EU countries, however you may have to pay full price.

Pharmacy2U offers an online doctor service, however as prescriptions can’t be delivered to Spain you may only find this useful as a second opinion.

Does Boots UK Deliver to Spain?

Yes and no. When checking the Boots International website, unfortunately it doesn’t have the same range of non-prescription medicines as Chemist Direct or Pharmacy2U.

All other Boots favourites are available and delivery takes around 5 days at a cost of £9.99 (excludes Canary Islands).



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