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Supermarket Promos & Special Offers

Most people in Spain will have a local Carrefour or Alcampo and, although these two are amongst the cheapest they're not always going to beat your local smaller supermarket. Chains such as Hipercor can also work out worthwhile when there are offers on. Lidl, on the other hand, has weekly offers that are very cheap - just sign up for their newsletter for details. Having a loyalty card can often mean that you ...

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Perfumes & Cosmetics Offers

Most perfume stores in Spain have a website where you can check out and compare prices before you buy. Watch out though as perfume stores try to confuse us with multiple-item gift boxes, which can sometimes work out more expensive than buying items individually as the sizes of items included can often be smaller. When visiting a perfume store in Spain remember to ask for "muestras" (samples), those little p ...

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Jewellery Offers

You might not be aware that stores have a mark up of at least 150% on wholesale prices for jewellery and at certain times in the year there are never any offers to be found (Xmas and Valentine’s Day). So, plan ahead for special dates and check out offers in the outlets of major brands. Offers change on a regular basis, depending on stocks, so if you don't see anything you like today remember to check back a ...

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Discount Vouchers in Spain – Why Pay More?

At Money Saver Spain we don't promote prepaid coupons as they are very short-lived, however we do like those sites where you register and get vouchers only for the items you're interested in. We've rounded up a list of miscellaneous sites in Spain where you can get these vouchers for everything from fashion to food to frozen yogurt. If you're worried they'll be blocking up your inbox, just create a new emai ...

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