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Cheap DVDs

Spanish newspapers often have promos with cheap, or sometimes free, DVDs at the weekend. Of course, you’ll have to pay for the newspaper too, but it often works out cheaper than buying a second hand DVD from Amazon. ...

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Birthday Treats

In the name of market research, I’ve registered with lots of Spanish company websites. As many ask for your date of birth, and having had a recent significant birthday (OK, if you really want to know I was 50 this year), here’s a round-up of the offers, promos and other goodies I received. ...

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Free Stuff in Spain

Everyone loves a freebie, so where can you get them in Spain? Companies aren't really generous, all they want to do is get you on their mailing list so it's always a good idea to have a separate email address for these offers. Remember that free items are normally limited in number so it's first come, first served! ...

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Freebies for New Mums in Spain

Brands are willing to give away lots of freebies in order to get their products out to new mums. But where do you find these free items? We’ve rounded up information about the best available. ...

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