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Freebies with Spanish Magazines

free_SpainMaybe your Spanish is not so great, so why would you buy a Spanish magazine just to get a freebie? Well, the answer is that in many cases the value of the freebies makes it worthwhile. Read on to see what’s on offer this month.

September 2017 Freebies

Top offer this month with Harper’s Bazaar. Remember that all full-size mags cost under 5€, pocket-size versions may have different freebies (or none at all) and in some regions the freebies may vary.


Yves Rocher shower gel worth 3.95€ and Glamour discount card for use in stores.


Sports bag, 4 different colours.


Better brand beauty products, several available including Teezer hairbrush, nail polish and more.


Mini Biokera eco shampoo and fashion book.


Deborah nail polish.

Harper’s Bazaar

Sensilis products, one per mag, including:

  • Hair food supplement: 40 pills worth over 15€
  • Long lasting foundation 30 ml, worth around 22€
  • Antiwrinkle intensive serum 30 ml, worth 30€
  • Conditioning hair balm 200 ml, worth 15€
  • Hair serum 50 ml, worth 20€.


Freebies Available with Spanish Magazines



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