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Freebies with Spanish Magazines

free_SpainMaybe your Spanish is not so great, so why would you buy a Spanish magazine just to get a freebie? Well, the answer is that in many cases the value of the freebies makes it worthwhile. Read on to see what’s on offer this month.

May 2017 Freebies

Top offers this month from Glamour and Woman mags. Remember that all mags cost under 5€.


100 ml Valquer professional shampoo or conditioner (normally 400 ml costs 14€) and Angel Schlesser fragrance sample. Note: In some areas in Spain the mag may come with a free John Smith sports bag.


Catrice Luxury Nudes nail polish (choose from 4 colours, costs around 4€ in stores) and manicure set.


Essence Shine lip gloss, choose from 3 tones.


Watch, several colours available. Suggestion: check if watch actually works as soon as you buy the mag!


Mussvital product: deodorant, lip balm or shower gel. Also comes with Angel Schlesser fragrance sample. The small version of the mag comes with Sensilis Panoramic XXL mascara or lip gloss.


Freebies Available with Spanish Magazines

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