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Freebies with Spanish Magazines

free_SpainMaybe your Spanish is not so great, so why would you buy a Spanish magazine just to get a freebie? Well, the answer is that in many cases the value of the freebies makes it worthwhile. Read on to see what’s on offer this month.

April 2017 Freebies

Best freebie this month with Harper’s Bazaar and Woman mags. Remember that all mags cost under 5€.


Sample size Escada perfume and Glamour Goes Shopping mag with exclusive discounts card.


Rituals full size foaming shower gel, costs 8.50€ at Rituals stores, buy Woman mag to get one for approx. half price.


Choose from 5 models of Sun Planet sunglasses and case, also comes with Escada perfume sample.


Set of 2 pompoms with chains (eg to decorate your handbag).


Selvert Vit. C face cream and Bio recipe book.

Elle (mini edition)

One Better product: Hairbrush or lip balm.

Harper’s Bazaar

Marc Jacob mini mascara. The mascara is 5g, normal 9g size sold at Sephora for 27.50€.


Freebies Available with Spanish Magazines

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