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Free Calls and Data with Freedom Pop

free_SpainFree calls and data in Spain? Can it really be true? The simple answer is yes, when you get a mobile line with Freedom Pop. Need extras? Then consider one of their (very) competitive monthly tariffs.

What is Freedom Pop?

After launching in several European countries, FreedomPop from the USA entered the Spanish market in 2016.

Their free basic mobile monthly package includes:

  • 100 minutes for free calls to mobiles
  • 300 SMS messages
  • 200 MB data and unlimited WhatsApp

You can either opt for a brand new phone number and SIM card or transfer your existing number (free service).

How Can I Get a SIM Card & Mobile Number?

Visit theFreedomPop website and click on “Comprueba Disponibilidad”. Put in your postcode and email and then later your home address.

Once the system has checked that your address has mobile coverage you’ll see a screen with the pricing options.

The basic monthly package is free and there are additional paid options if you need more GB. Most paid options come with a free trial month, prices range from 4.99/month for 1GB up to 28.99€/month for 10GB. Paid options come with unlimited free calls, SMS and WhatsApp except for the 1GB package.

All tariff packages, including the free version, include roaming in more than 25 countries.

What Else do I Need to Know?

You have to pay 2.99€ when you activate the service. Some months the SIM card is on promo for free, other months you’ll have to pay 9.99€.

With FreedomPop you can cancel at any time with no penalty clause.

To avoid surprises, deactivate the automatic recharge function if you exceed your contracted MB limit. Otherwise it costs around 5€ per month.

When contracting any package you may be offered the option to accumulate MB from one month to another. If you’re interested this option has a cost of 2.99€ per month (at the time of writing). If you’re not interested make sure you click “no quiero gracias”.

FreedomPop uses Orange’s network in Spain. Currently only 3G is available, however in the near future the company hopes to be able to provide 4G coverage.

Calls to Landlines

Freedom Pop offers calls to international landlines (over 50 countries included) with the following monthly tariffs :

  • Bono Global Básico: 100 mins/month for 0.99€.
  • Bono Global Plus: 500 mins/month for 3.99€.
  • Bono Global Pro: 1500 minutos/month for 9.99€.


FreedomPop also offers the possibility to purchase a smartphone, check models available. At the time of writing they have the Samsung Galaxy S4 for only 99.99€ and free delivery.


If you stick to the free package then FreedomPop really is free to use (once you’ve paid to activate the service). However their paid options are really worth considering.

The only complaint is that the website could be a bit clearer, it’s a bit like buying a ticket on EasyJet or Ryanair – watch out for the extras!

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