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Cinema Festival in Spain – Autumn 2017

cinema-spainNow a twice-yearly event, the next Fiesta del Cine will be held across Spain, including the Canary Islands, on 16, 17 and 18 October, with tickets on sale for only 2.90€ per film.

How Does It Work?

Visit the official website,, where you can find a full list of cinemas taking part in this event (ordered by region – right hand column).

If you’ve registered on previous occasions you’ll only need to fill in your email and date of birth to get your free personalised invitation. Newbies will have to choose an option: single voucher or group (up to 10) vouchers via a single email address.

Once you’ve registered and received the accreditation by email, you can either buy your tickets online in order to avoid queues, or at the cinema.

On each of the three days the event is held, take the printed email (or show it on your smartphone) along with photo ID to get your ticket for any of the films shown that day for only 2.90€.

Remember: rather than each person having to register online with a unique email address, you can use a single email address for a family or groups of up to 10 people.

MSS Tips:

1.  For 3D films or other special events you may have to pay a supplement, this depends on each cinema.

2.  In order to use the discounted tickets, you have to show photo ID when presenting the email or tickets at the cinema – so don’t forget to take it!

3.  Don’t hand in your registration confirmation email at the cinema, as you’ll need it each day you visit. If you lose it you can request another one by email by revisiting the Fiesta del Cine website.

4. Over-60’s don’t need to register. With photo ID they’ll be able to buy tickets at participating cinemas for 2.90€ also.

5. Under-14’s don’t need their parents to register to obtain accreditation and they won’t have to show ID either. When they visit any participating cinema they’ll automatically be able to buy tickets for only 2.90€.

6. Remember if you have a Youth Card you won’t be able to use it to get an even lower price.

7. Users of Hotmail will receive the voucher immediately upon registering (in another window). Check before closing the Fiesta del Cine website.




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