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When targeted marketing isn’t targeted

As I usually shop at Carrefour and have a Club Carrefour card I’m used to getting coupons for my favourite drinks, shampoo, etc both at the till and through the post. I tend to use them and admit that there is a psychological effect that if you receive a coupon with a 6€ discount if your weekly shop is over 120€ tends to get you to slightly increase your shopping list with the justification that if you “onl ...

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Is it so difficult to programme a cash machine?

When asking for cash at this particular bank machine the customer is asked (maybe because we’re stupid and we don’t know how much we want), if we’d like 40€, 70€, 110€, etc - figures which could make sense in that they’re composed of 50€ and 20€ notes, thus making sure you get some smaller banknotes. However, after choosing 110€ I was told that I couldn’t have that amount as the machine could only give amou ...

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Mini-break in the UK even cheaper – just plan ahead

So, you’ve got the cheap tickets (we all know Easyjet or Ryanair), you’ve got the cheap hotel ( and 100’s of others) but what about when you’re there? Around 10 days before we went, we checked out the deals at restaurants (especially 2x1 offers) in London. For the restaurants we looked at what days the deals were on and then found the addresses of the nearest one to where we would be on particular ...

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Recycling in Spain – are we being conned?

OCU placed in 15 used appliances a GPRS to track each one and disposed of them in the 3 ways which are contemplated under Spanish law: 11 were left at official recycling points around Spain, 3 were removed by the company that delivered the new appliance and 1 was returned to the store were the new appliance was bought. The 15 items were followed for 3 months each. The end result was that many items ended up ...

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Welcome to MoneySaverSpain’s blog!

We hope that this addition to our site will keep you entertained. Send us your stories and we’ll publish the best here. ...

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