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Why Don’t Spanish Schools Want Parents To Save?

A few days ago there was a comment on the Money Saver Spain Facebook page about the high price of a school skirt at El Corte Inglés and I started to think about costs in general in Spanish schools and how they could help parents to save. ...

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What’s Your Definition Of Thrift?

I’m always saying that this website isn’t about thrift, and yet I’ve been thinking that what could be classed as thrift for one person is just another person’s definition of being careful with money. Also taking the old adage that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” and that, apparently, we live in a throwaway society, I thought I’d go over these ideas and see if anyone else would like to add their ...

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Money Saving Moral Maze

Having read last weekend about shoppers who took advantage of a computer glitch at a major UK supermarket, it made me think about where exactly should we draw the line between being savvy money savers or applauding an “anything goes” approach. ...

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My Spanish Supermarket Conspiracy Theory

I’m more and more convinced that many companies, including supermarkets, are happy to be fooling their customers regardless of whether they’re unemployed, on a pension or in other low-income groups. Let me explain, how many stressed out people actually have the time to check their supermarket receipt? Often just the total cost is enough to send you into a state of shock, without going line by line to ensure ...

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Our 1st Birthday!

Money Saver Spain is one year old this month, and checking back on the posts in the blog it looks like this is the one area that’s been totally abandoned! So, what’s happened during the last year? Well, first of all the website got a total makeover in the Spring, giving it a fresh look and including some new widgets and other stuff. We also included new sections on Offers, a Business Directory and an RSS fe ...

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2012 tax increases in Spain – a short guide

  First of all is income tax. The tax bands in Spain have seen the following increases: 0 to 17,707.20€ was 24.00% now 24.75%    Up 0.75% 17,707.20 to 33,007.20 € was 28.00% now 30.00%    Up 2.00% 33,007.20 to 53,407.20 € was 37.00% now 40.00%    Up 3.00% 53,407.20 to 120,000.20 € was 43.00% now 47.00%    Up 4.00% 120,000.20 to 175,000.20€ was 44.00% now 49.00%    Up 5.00% 175,000.20 to 300,000.00 € wa ...

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Frustration with Orange Customer Service

Call centres are notorious for making you choose options on multiple menus before you even get to speak to a human being. The following is a summary of my conversation with Orange as my temper got more and more frayed: At the beginning, on one of the menus, you have to put in the phone number about which the enquiry is related. Then, when you get put through to someone they ask you for your number again. Wh ...

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