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New Tags For Spanish Ham (Jamon)

In order to help consumers know at a glance the origin of Spanish hams bought in specialised stores and supermarkets, a new tag system has come into force in January 2014. The colour scheme will classify each ham into one of four groups and is part of a number of other changes being introduced. ...

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Buying CDs, DVDs & Blu-ray Online

There's plenty of competition in the online market for DVDs, CDs & Blu-ray. Most DVDs have the soundtrack in English if you buy in Spain, but it's always a good idea to check before you buy. However, if you definitely want a Spanish soundtrack also, this tends to be more difficult if you buy in the UK - even though films have various languages, Spanish isn't always one of them. ...

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Darty Closing Down Sale – UPDATE

Darty has 43 stores across Spain and will be closing all of them at the end of June 2013. Their closing down sale has already started, but you may be wary of buying from a store that won’t be around much longer - read on to see if it's worth buying at Darty and check your consumer rights. ...

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Showrooming (or The Price Comparison Dilemma)

At Money Saver Spain we always advocate comparing prices before buying, especially for high-value items. However, the rise of smartphone apps for price comparisons has led to a rapid rise in what is termed “showrooming”: people checking out goods in physical stores and whilst they're still there searching online to see if they can find them cheaper elsewhere. Is this savvy shopping or morally not quite righ ...

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Frozen Food Stores & Delivery in Spain

If you’re looking for an alternative to Iceland frozen food stores (or you don’t have one nearby) and your local supermarket has only a limited selection in their freezers, find out what other companies exist in Spain. Some are traditional bricks & mortar stores whilst others only offer home delivery. Frozen food stores don’t tend to be cheap, but there are some ways you can save – just read on.   ...

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Food Intolerance Shopping in Spain

For some people who’ve moved to Spain, not only do they have to deal with a new language and culture, but for many years searching for special foods needed for medical or other reasons could be difficult. Luckily that’s changed and hopefully due to increased competition we could see prices come down in the future. ...

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I Want One Free Dot Com!

At Simply supermarkets if you have one of their points cards (Club Simply) you can also register to get free items with your weekly shop. There are lots of different products and the only catch is that either before or after you’ve tried them you need to fill in a questionnaire. ...

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