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Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes QROPS

QROPS have existed since 2006 but started to become part of overseas financial planning in early 2008. For such a recent innovation, there have been many changes along the way. Major adjustments made by the UK in April 2012 are now well established and the market more mature. We spoke with an independent advisor for more details. ...

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New Year Money Saving Resolutions

People tend to make lots of resolutions for the New Year, many of which have been forgotten about by the second week of January! To make things easier, we've put together a month-by-month guide about how to save money in Spain during 2014. ...

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How to Cancel Contracts in Spain

When you want to cancel a contract, whether it be a monthly subscription, phone or utility contract, it can often be a big hassle, especially if Spanish is not your first language. We’ve put together a guide to help ensure you get it right first time and avoid any additional expense. ...

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Sunny Spain’s Revival

We’re delighted to have another guest post by Suzi Dixon, freelance travel and finance journalist. Today Suzi will be talking about whether it’s the moment to buy property in Spain. ...

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Why Pay Full Price in Spain?

In times of recession, when travelling, going out for a meal or to the hairdresser becomes a luxury; there are alternatives to downloading discount coupons. Academies (and students) are always on the look-out for “guinea pigs” to try out their skills. We’ve taken a look at the most popular services and what prices you can expect. ...

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Rising Taxes in Spain

There are a number of taxes in Spain that directly affect you: the consumer and taxpayer. Direct and indirect taxes have seen considerable increases in the last two years, in this article we take a look at these changes and see if there is anything you can do to pay less. ...

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Sell Your Used Phones or Gadgets & Donate To A Good Cause

There are lots of companies that will buy your used mobile phones and other used gadgets, but you may not be aware that you can also donate a percentage (or all) of what you receive to charity. Read on to see what they accept, how their programmes work and how you can save on your taxes if you’re resident in Spain. ...

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