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Special Accommodation Requirements In Spain

Anyone knows how to find hotel accommodation in Spain just by using one of the many comparison websites such as or However when you need something very specific, we have some tips on where to find it. ...

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Visiting Seville on a Budget

Here's the latest instalment from our expert bloggers around Spain. This week Cat Gaa will be taking us on a tour around Seville and letting us know how to enjoy this beautiful city on a budget. ...

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Hostels – A Savvy Alternative to a Hotel in Spain

If you travel to any town or city in Spain, you’ll inevitably see that it’s full of tourists. But you may be asking yourself that if we’re in the midst of one of the biggest recessions in recent history – just how to they afford it? ...

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Why The Campo de Gibraltar Rocks!

The second instalment of a our series written by expert bloggers on cities and regions in Spain. This week we’ll be let into the secrets of the area known as the Campo de Gibraltar. ...

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Travelling Light (on Spending) in Spain

At the end of the summer many hotels in Spain will reduce their prices by up to 40% compared with August rates, so autumn is a great time to get to know new areas of Spain (and the weather is perfect for tourism too). If you spend just an hour or two planning you can save a lot more, as our tips below show. -  If you’re booking a hotel room online, make sure to sign up to a cashback site first.  For example ...

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Need Ideas for Fancy Dress? Check out an Online Option in Spain

As anyone who’s been in Spain for a while will know by now, there are many occasions in which you, your kids or the whole family will need a costume. For those who’re lacking in imagination, are new to Spanish culture or are just looking for a cheaper alternative to buying a ready-made costume, then why not take a look at an online option. ...

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Cheap Holidays To The Costa del Sol Are Easy To Find

The Costa del Sol, the original Spanish sunshine destination, is still one of the best holiday spots in Europe and millions of Britons choose to holiday here every year. With a large number of cheap holidays to Costa del Sol available daily, this superb region is easier to reach than ever. The Costa del Sol includes the world-famous port of Marbella, which is the holiday resort of choice for Spanish royalty ...

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