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No-Win, No-Fee Websites For Flight Incidents Claims

Most people will have to suffer the consequences of a delayed or cancelled flight or from being unable to board due to overbooking. However the number of people that actually make a claim against an airline is minimal given the hassle involved. In these situations an online solution could help. ...

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Ticket Touting – A Spanish Legal Loophole

In 1982, when the World Cup was hosted in Spain, a law was passed making ticket touting illegal in the street. This law has never been updated, and, in the digital age, you can find dedicated websites to buy and sell tickets for concerts and sports events – but are they legal? ...

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Cheap Cinema Tickets in Spain

Going to the cinema can often be an expensive event, especially if you have a large family. So why not check out our guide and see the latest blockbusters for a fraction of the price. ...

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Visiting Granada – Free and Cheap Ways To See The City

Here's another instalment written by expert bloggers on cities in Spain. They’ll be offering you their insider knowledge on where to visit without breaking the bank and how to enjoy your mini-break in the Spanish city they call home. ...

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The Best Of Barcelona Won’t Break The Bank

Big cities are notoriously expensive, but in this article in our series from guest bloggers about their corner of Spain, Simon Harris gives us insider knowledge about the best ways to see Barcelona on a budget.  ...

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Book Sharing in Spain (and Abroad)

Buying books in Spain isn’t cheap, whether in your own language or in Spanish, however have you ever thought about sharing your books rather than leaving them to gather dust on the bookshelf? Instead of just sharing between your family and friends, why not take a look at a couple of websites that offer book sharing on a global scale? ...

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Visit 10 Museums for Free Across Spain

With a higher sales tax rate also applied to cultural activities, it makes sense to check out which days you can visit some of Spain’s top museums for free. In our guide we’ve chosen 10 popular places so you can plan your visit and avoid paying – great for family trips! ...

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