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Spanish Driving Licence? How To Check Your Points

It’s a good idea to check how many points you have if you have a Spanish driving licence as some insurance companies now offer discounts to those people who haven’t lost any points. The Spanish Traffic Directorate (DGT) has simplified their website to make it easier to use, so why not check it today? ...

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Endesa Energy Pack for Utilities – Is It Worth It?

Endesa is promoting its new Energy Pack with the slogan “buy, activate and save” showing savings of up to 90€ a year. However, as with many promotions, it makes sense to check it over carefully to make sure it’s right for you before parting with your cash. Our guide will tell you all you need to know. ...

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4G and Cheaper Mobile Phones

The 4G network in Spain was launched by Vodafone in June 2013 with other companies following closely behind. 4G offers users high speed Internet connection, but as only top-end smartphones costing over 600€ were compatible the result has been a slow take-up of 4G contracts. Operators have decided to reach more customers by offering lower priced phones - see what you can expect in the coming months. ...

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LPG Fuelled Cars in Spain

With the price of LPG at around half that of diesel or petrol, many people in Europe see it as a viable alternative to reduce motoring costs. We’ve taken a look at the situation in Spain to help you decide whether you should consider buying a new LPG-ready car or converting your current vehicle. ...

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Reducing Energy Costs In Spain

Major changes have been made to electricity tariffs and electricity companies are still calling for an end to Government regulated tariffs. It’s probably just a matter of time until these tariffs disappear for most households, so see how the new changes affect you and what you should be doing now to save on your electric bill. ...

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Roaming Charges – Check Your Tariff! (Update)

Since the EU introduced fixed tariffs for roaming charges, mobile companies have been very quick to invent “special offers” that sometimes charge their customers prices 40% above the EU fixed rates. Get out your last bill with roaming charges and take a look at the official rates below to see how much more you're paying. ...

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Gas Boiler Maintenance – New Rules in 2013

Until recently gas boilers installed in homes in Spain had to have mandatory annual preventative maintenance, but new legislation passed in April 2013 means that this will now only be necessary every two years. If you thought this would mean you’d save money, read on to find the loopholes in the new law. ...

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