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Bottled Gas in Spain: All You Need to Know

There are still many areas in Spain that don’t have access to town gas. Some families prefer to use bottled gas and only pay for the gas they use. Find out all you need to know about bottled gas below. ...

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Broadband Contracts – What to Check

Trying to choose the best broadband (ADSL) contract in Spain can be a nightmare. How many MB? With or without TV? ADSL or fibre optic? Add to this that each company has multiple tariffs, promos and small print and it fast becomes an impossible task. Take a look at our checklist to make sure you’re not caught out. ...

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Get Cheaper Petrol and Diesel

The Spanish fuel market is heavily concentrated with just a few major brands. In some regions in Spain it’s not easy to save money on petrol or diesel, read our tips on how to pay less when filling your car. ...

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How To Avoid Spanish Telecoms Penalty Charges

Consumer complaints in Spain regarding unfair and excessive penalty charges levied by Telecoms companies are on the rise. Take a look at what you should be aware of and always check your bills. ...

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Utilities in Spain: Facts and Myths

With prices on the up, scams on the rise, and more players entering the energy market, it pays to know the reality behind the hype regarding utilities in Spain. Take a look at our tips and make sure you know fact from fiction. ...

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Grants for Cars: Electric and Alternative Fuels

The Spanish Government hopes to boost the number of electric cars on the roads with new grants available in 2018. Anyone who is legally resident in Spain is eligible, as well as companies, read on for more details. ...

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How to Modify and Cancel Insurance

Whether you want to modify a policy or simply cancel it and switch insurance company to one that offers better value for money, make sure you know what you can legally do.  ...

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