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Carrefour Supermarket Savings Cards

Carrefour supermarket has three “No IVA” (no sales tax) savings card aimed at those aged 65+, families with 3+ kids and for under 30-year olds. Additionally all Club Card holders can get savings on fuel, electricity and gas and with their new App there are even more advantages.

Carrefour is already one of the cheapest supermarkets in Spain (in accordance with Spanish consumer group OCU’s study). With their Club card and No IVA cards then you’ll be able to save even more.

How Much Can You Save With The “No IVA” Card?

The offer sounds great – no sales tax on your shopping – but you need to check the small print. The general sales tax rate in Spain is 21%, however on fresh produce it’s applied either at the rate of 4% or 10% as follows:

  • Fish, meat, cold meats (both pre-packed and sold by weight): 10%
  • Cheese, eggs, fruit, vegetables, bread: 4%

If you buy lots of fresh produce then you will be able to save on your weekly shop, however if you buy more frozen or tinned items then savings would be minimal.

How Can I Get A “No IVA” Card?

The 65+ cards have to be requested at your local Carrefour and you’ll need photo ID. For families with 3+ kids that have a Familia Numerosa card (see our post on how to get one) you just need to request at your local Carrefour the “Superfamilias” card to get the same discounts.

How can you take advantage of this offer if you don’t belong to one of the target groups? Well, a couple of ways are possible.

First of all you can get a card for a friend or relative who is over 65 or has 3+ kids (if not Spanish, then the person must have a NIE number in Spain) and use it to purchase online as the card can also be used at Carrefour’s online supermarket.

Alternatively you can shop with a friend who has the card and then split the bill (and the shopping!) when you get back home.

Remember that cards can also be used at Carrefour Market and Carrefour Express – smaller establishments that can be found in towns across Spain.

What About The Card For Under-30’s?

This card comes with additional perks such as 10% off Carrefour mobile phone contracts, travel offers and special discount vouchers.

In order to get a card, you’ll need to present photo ID at any Carrefour store and fill in a registration form.

More Perks

There are several discounts for Carrefour Club Card holders, these are accumulated and paid on your quarterly Carrefour discount cheque.

8% discount at over 120 Carrefour petrol stations across Spain. Additional promos may increase the discount to 10% at certain times of the year.

If your local Carrefour doesn’t have a petrol station, or whilst you’re traveling, you can get 4% off at Cepsa.

For Orange mobile customers, you’ll get 5% back off every mobile bill. Log on to your Orange account and in “Ser de Orange” include your Carrefour Club Card number.

If you contract your electricity or gas via their agreement with EDP, you’ll get the following discounts:

  • If you only contract electricity:
  1. 3% discount on electricity consumption – without EDP’s maintenance contract.
  2. 5% discount on electricity consumption. To get this discount you’ll need to contract the maintenance service that comes with 50% off the price.
  • If you contract both gas and electricity:
  1. 5% discount on electricity consumption and up to 25% off gas fixed charges (not consumption). To get this discount you’ll need to contract the maintenance service that comes with 50% off.

Carrefour App

You can use the App with any of the Carrefour cards and advantages include having your discount coupons on your phone (rather than on paper) and creating your shopping list(s). You’ll also receive info about promos and discounts directly to your phone.


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Carrefour supermarket savings cards in Spain

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