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2012 tax increases in Spain – a short guide

  First of all is income tax. The tax bands in Spain have seen the following increases: 0 to 17,707.20€ was 24.00% now 24.75%    Up 0.75% 17,707.20 to 33,007.20 € was 28.00% now 30.00%    Up 2.00% 33,007.20 to 53,407.20 € was 37.00% now 40.00%    Up 3.00% 53,407.20 to 120,000.20 € was 43.00% now 47.00%    Up 4.00% 120,000.20 to 175,000.20€ was 44.00% now 49.00%    Up 5.00% 175,000.20 to 300,000.00 € wa ...

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Frustration with Orange Customer Service

Call centres are notorious for making you choose options on multiple menus before you even get to speak to a human being. The following is a summary of my conversation with Orange as my temper got more and more frayed: At the beginning, on one of the menus, you have to put in the phone number about which the enquiry is related. Then, when you get put through to someone they ask you for your number again. Wh ...

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When targeted marketing isn’t targeted

As I usually shop at Carrefour and have a Club Carrefour card I’m used to getting coupons for my favourite drinks, shampoo, etc both at the till and through the post. I tend to use them and admit that there is a psychological effect that if you receive a coupon with a 6€ discount if your weekly shop is over 120€ tends to get you to slightly increase your shopping list with the justification that if you “onl ...

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Is it so difficult to programme a cash machine?

When asking for cash at this particular bank machine the customer is asked (maybe because we’re stupid and we don’t know how much we want), if we’d like 40€, 70€, 110€, etc - figures which could make sense in that they’re composed of 50€ and 20€ notes, thus making sure you get some smaller banknotes. However, after choosing 110€ I was told that I couldn’t have that amount as the machine could only give amou ...

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