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Traffic Fines In Spain

The number of traffic fines in Spain has risen over the last few years, leading to many people claiming that it is simply a way to increase income for regional Spanish Governments. We’ve taken a look at how to know if you’ve been fined and what your options are. ...

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Prescription Payments – Doubts and How to Solve Problems

In July 2012 co-payment for prescription medicines came into force in Spain and over 18 months later there is still confusion over who is entitled to free prescriptions and, if not, what rate should be paid. Our guide will help to solve your questions. ...

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Using Nursery Vouchers to Pay Less Tax in Spain

Luncheon vouchers have been around for a long time, in Spain the main ones being Ticket Restaurant or Restaurante Pass. However, what’s not well known is that there also exists another voucher option that you can use to pay for your children’s nursery fees.  ...

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Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Schemes QROPS

QROPS have existed since 2006 but started to become part of overseas financial planning in early 2008. For such a recent innovation, there have been many changes along the way. Major adjustments made by the UK in April 2012 are now well established and the market more mature. We spoke with an independent advisor for more details. ...

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