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The New Spanish Consumer Law 2014

On 13 June 2014 the new consumer law was approved in Spain with several improvements and increased consumer protection. We’ve put together information about the most important modifications. ...

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Online Valuations – How Much Is Your Old Stuff Worth?

Before you start to declutter your home, why not get online valuations for some of your items without paying a hefty fee for the privilege? Try a web-based solution that can give you a valuation from the comfort of your living room in Spain for 10€ or less. ...

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Taxis in Spain

Everyone has a tale about being ripped off by a taxi driver when they visit a foreign country, however when you live permanently abroad you may be targeted too. Read on to see how to avoid pitfalls and what your consumer rights are. ...

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Traffic Fines In Spain

The number of traffic fines in Spain has risen over the last few years, leading to many people claiming that it is simply a way to increase income for regional Spanish Governments. We’ve taken a look at how to know if you’ve been fined and what your options are. ...

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