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Spain’s Christmas Lottery

You may be wondering why we want to write about the lottery, as it’s not exactly money saving. However Spain’s Christmas Lottery is more about tradition than the money - it isn’t the highest payer by a long shot.  ...

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Insurance Do’s and Don’ts in Spain

Although some insurance policies are mandatory by law, such as car insurance, most other types of policies are personal choice. We’ve included a series of tips and tricks but, of course, the final choice is up to you. ...

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Loans – The Good, The Bad and The Ugh!

Sometimes a loan is unavoidable. What about a new car or home improvements? It pays to check different loans options available and calculate just how much you’ll have to repay. Take a look at our guide on 8 ways to get a loan in Spain and their safety ratings. ...

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Five Expensive Things in Spain That Aren’t Worth It

There are some things that you should never pay for, or at least pay less; all it takes is the know-how to find alternatives. We’ve put together a few ideas on what to avoid to ensure your euros stay in your pocket. ...

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