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UK Pension Scheme or Plan but You Live in Spain?

At Money Saver Spain we like to empower our visitors with information to make their own decisions. However, we sometimes come up against areas that are just too complicated or that each individual is affected in a different way. This is the case with UK Pension Schemes (or Plans), as it seems that every year, in the UK, there are new laws, new regulations, new ideas or changes to pension plans or schemes. T ...

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Rental Cars in Spain – What to do if you have a Claim for Damages

In times of recession if you have to rent a car you might be looking to save on insurance, on the other hand car rental companies will be looking even harder to see if there’s any minor damage on returned cars. Rental cars come with basic insurance and normally the customer will be offered an additional policy in order to reduce the excess. The additional insurance can often be around 10€ a day, leading to ...

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Reduce your tax bill by paying into a Pension Plan in Spain

If you live and work in Spain on a permanent nature, you’ll be well aware that the chances of getting a state pension upon retirement are not guaranteed and, even if you’re lucky enough to get one, the amount you’ll get won’t cover champagne breakfasts. So, taking into account that when you do retire you’ll want to have as high an income as possible, checking out Spanish Pension Plans makes sense. ...

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