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5 Facts About Smart Meters in Spain

Smart meters are being installed in homes across Spain and bring with them several advantages including bills that accurately reflect your consumption. Take a look at our list of 5 things you should know. ...

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TV Frequencies Changes – How to Get a Grant

In order to make way for 4G mobile communications, digital TV channels are changing frequency. On the one hand this means retuning your TV, which is free, but for many housing communities the installation will have to be adapted and this comes at a cost. ...

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How to get a Grant for a new Boiler

If you’re thinking about changing your boiler, check whether there’s a grant available in your region. Grants are non-means tested and you must be legally resident in Spain to be eligible. ...

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Electricity Tariffs: Regulated or Free Market – Which is Cheaper?

In 2014 around 58% of households use the regulated electricity tariff (PVPC), compared with 94% before 2008. Consumer organisations still advise households with less than 10 kW contracted to use the PVPC rather than free market tariffs. We take a look why. ...

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