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About is a free-to-use website launched in September 2011 aimed at empowering the English speaking public living in Spain with information in order to pay less for everyday purchases without compromising their lifestyle.

Non-native Spanish speakers often find themselves using the same service providers for years, with an ever decreasing quality in service and ever increasing prices compared with competitors. This site aims to enable people to change that situation by giving 100% impartial advice regarding the best products in a range of areas as well as income boosting ideas.

Additionally we want to advise those people who will be coming to live in Spain in the future to help them avoid the usual errors of using the providers recommended to them by non-independent advisors or well meaning neighbours!

The team works towards:

  • Providing information on the best deals in a variety of areas of household expenditure.
  • Increasing an individual’s monthly income whilst maintaining (or even increasing) lifestyle levels.
  • Advising on how to beat companies at their own game when you’re not on home ground. Companies have expert marketers, individuals have limited information. Living abroad and dealing in another language doesn’t help. Here at we want to reduce (or even reverse) this power imbalance.

What the site won’t do:

  • It’s not a lifestyle change site – if you want to drive a Mercedes we won’t be telling you to buy a Ford Fiesta!
  • It’s not a thrift site – we won’t be telling you how to feed a family of six on 1 euro a day!

Above you can see the areas we cover:

  • Shopping: Special offers & deals, flash sales, store cards
  • Leisure & Time-Off: Restaurants, theme parks, museums (and anything else that we find!)
  • House & Home: Household goods, utilities, phones, insurance
  • Money & Business: Banking in general, loans, savings, credit cards, mortgages and info for the freelancer / small business owner in Spain,

How the site is financed:

  • In order to ensure our independence, we are not financed by any company. All the information contained on this site has been put together through independent research and is totally unbiased.
  • In order to cover the costs of running the site we do include adverts from third parties. The content of these adverts are monitored regularly to ensure that there is no conflict of interest between our articles and the advertisers.
  • is registered with various corporate affiliate companies. However, we only include affiliate links in those articles which are of interest to our readers.
  • Any articles which have been financed by third parties will include a declaration to that effect and will only be accepted by if the third party offers a discount on its usual rates (or similar advantage) to users.

If you have any queries, check out our Terms and Conditions of Use and our Privacy Policy which are linked at the foot of the home page. Additionally you can get in touch with the team at the following email address: contact[at]moneysaverspain[dot]com.

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