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School Textbooks

School textbooks in Spain are big business, until recently every year would mean buying a set of brand new books for each child. The recession has led to an increase in websites for secondhand textbooks and also for schools reducing the number of books required every year. more ...

June 21, 2015 (1) comments

Readlang: Read Websites and Books In Other Languages

When you live in another country, if you don’t speak the local language well enough you often end up only using the internet and reading books in your native language. To help solve this problem, we were really pleased to find out about Readlang. more ...

June 02, 2015 (0) comments

Plan PIVE Grants For New Cars 2015

The last Plan PIVE (Programa de Incentivos al Vehículo Eficiente) was approved on 14 May 2015.  The Spanish Government has this time allocated 225 million euros, higher than previous Plan PIVE editions, but with lower grants. more ...

May 25, 2015 (6) comments

What Spanish Paperwork Should You Store?

You’re probably aware of how long you need to keep important papers in your home country, but what about in Spain? With charges of up to 30€ for requesting duplicate receipts, it’s a good idea to ensure you know what you should be storing and for how long. more ...

June 16, 2015 (1) comments

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